Old mattress may cause pain in waist--here are the 7 main causes

With the aging of woman, many of them frequently complain of pain in waist. However, most the the sufferer choose to let it alone, thinking that the pain may disappear someday, which is harmful to their health. To help them solve the problem, one medical forum of Russia concluded 7 unexpected causes for the pain in waist.

1. Smoking

Smoking causes the narrowing of blood vessel, resulting in less absorption of nutrition. Accordingly, less aliment and oxygen is provided to the spine and the shortage for enough nutrition cause the ache.

2. Lace of exercises

Keep seated or standing for long time will lead to your discomfort in waist. To solve the problem, try to workout everyday and make it a daily habit.

3. Old mattresses

Old mattresses, especially cheap and unqualified ones, usually sag terribly in the center part and make your waist hollow and the space between the mattress and waist often make you feel painful in your waist. If you have found clear sign of sagging in your mattress, don’t hesitate to buy a new one.

4. Overweight

An Obese person’ spine bears too much pressure and gradually gets over bent. The best treatment is more exercise and a balanced diet.

5. Wrong way to lift heavy things

Most people lift heavy things with their back bent, which may damage the spine. However, the right way is to lift things with the strength from legs.

6. High heels

Women love to wear high heels but it adds burdens to the spine to wear high heels or wedges with over 5cm heels, which leads to forerake of the body.

7. Injury

Injury in spine certainly causes the pain. Even it has been cured for years, some unexpected factors may trigger the ache again.

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