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My previous impression on spring mattress 

I have been using spring mattress for nearly 20 years and I have never bought it online. As most people’s concern, I am not sure whether the online mattresses are really good. People can’t have a trial on the mattresses before purchase. However, in case they don’t feel comfortable with it, hundreds of dollars will be wasted.


Previously, I used to buy mattresses from nearby bedding outlets. I have to admit that the price they offered were almost $300 higher than the online mattresses. Although I thought that they may provide better customer service and warranty, the mattresses were not as satisfying as my expectations.


Above all, their lifespan was short. None of the mattress survived the 3rd or 5th year, even though the salesman promised that the mattress was firm enough to last ten years. After years, some spring mattresses broke on the surface and I felt the springs on my back. Others terribly sagged in the center part, leaving my back unsupported. What’s worse, the old spring mattresses made disturbing noises when I turned over because of the rubbing of springs, which really bothered me.

It is without doubt that buying a new mattress is a troublesome task. Merely making a choice among various mattresses can be challenging. However, I have been trying to find a good spring mattress with the following advantages.

  • It is wearable and doesn’t sag even it is used for years.
  • It can minimize motion transfer to bring uninterrupted sleep to couples.
  • It is a silent spring mattress without noises from rubbing of springs.
  • It is breathable, soft and comfortable.
  • It is offered with affordable price, at least cheaper than mattresses from nearby bedding outlets.

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Purchase online mattress for 1st time

I tried memory foam mattresses and other spring mattresses but they are far from satisfactory until I find this, Pocket InnerSpring With Latex 8 Inch Classic Mattress.

I need a king size mattress for enough space between couples. The first things that attracted me was its price: only $378. OMG! It was only half the price compared with my old mattresses. Can such a cheap mattress live up to my requirements?

Then I read the detailed introduction to the product. What convinced me most was that they had been certified by CertiPUR-US and offered a 180-day trial at home, which was nearly all the service that a nearby bedding outlet can offer. Without hesitation, I placed the order. After 3 days, at my door I received a box measuring 10”*10”*80” or so.

The mattress was compressed and rolled into a box and then delivered to me. It is amazing that one large mattress can be compressed into such a small box. After I unpacked it, the mattress bounced out immediately and 1 minute later, it recovered its original volume. I lied on it as soon as I could and felt it very comfortable. I’m a big man of 300 lbs but my weight didn’t make the mattress sag a bit. Besides, I stood on the edges of the mattress to test if the edges are qualified for enough firmness and they proved firm enough. The last mattress that I bought was fragile on the edges and I felt difficult to keep balance when I stood there. However, this spring mattress is absolutely firm on the edges.

innerspring mattress top natural latex

The advantages of this spring mattress

I wrote this article at the 6th month to make sure whether it is really of high quality. Actually, it has done a good job and is perfect to me.


The surface is made of 1 inch latex and 320g PK soft foam. Latex is anti-bacteria, anti-mite and mold-proof, keeping the mattress clean and healthy to people. The breathable structure of the latex frees me from hotness even during summer days. Besides, the latex is soft and comfortable enough to conform to your curves. If the softness arranges from 1 to 10 with 1 the softest, I would rate this mattress as 7.

Beneath the surface is the innerspring section with the springs sealed in independent bags. The encased coils work separately so that they won’t rub with each other and make noises. In addition, before producing, the springs were tested for thousands of times in stretching and compressing experiments to avoid the problem of sagging. Minimizing motion transfer is another advantage of the mattress. Every time when I lie on or get off the bed, the part under my wife isn’t affected. Therefore, it suits couples very well by ensuring a steady sleep and keeping the couples uninterrupted. Last but not least, I love its firmness on the edges, which provides more possibility for sex positions between couples.


Is the mattress suitable for you?

Although the mattress almost meets all my requests, I still want give it an unbiased review. I recommend some people to buy it and discourage others from doing so.

I recommend you to buy it, if ...

  • You are always waken up by turning over and want a uninterrupted sleep.
  • You prefer spring mattresses but yours have sagged after years.
  • You belong to obese people and need a mattress with enough firmness and support.
  • You are troubled by mites and allergy and particular about the cleanness of a mattress.
  • The mattress that you are sleeping on is sweltered and not breathable.
  • You don’t want to spend too much on a mattress but worry about the poor quality of a very cheap mattress.


I discourage you to buy it, if...

  • You want a super soft mattress and think it more comfortable in that way.
  • You prefer cheap mattresses and doesn’t care too much for the quality of a mattress.


Guarantee & Trial Period

Sunrisingbed offers a 180-day trial period and that is among the longest trial period. In 6 months, you can test the mattress freely. If you get unsatisfied with the mattress for whatever reason, you can contact the costumer service for full refunds.

Besides, the mattress comes with a 10-year full replacement warranty.

innerspring mattress sunrisingbed


This mattress will be compressed and rolled into a box and be shipped to your door(King size box: 11”*11”*81”). The shipping is free and doesn’t break the mattress.