Benefits of Memory Foam 

Memory foam mattresses are made of memory foam as materials with the features of reducing pressure, slow spring-back effect, temperature sensitiveness, breathability, antibiosis and anti-mite effect. The mattresses can effectively reduce body pressure and become soft or hard depending on body temperature, which rectifies body shape to naturally touch and support human body. Medical science proved that the mattress can efficaciously relieve aches of skeleton and muscle, helping to cure an unsound cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra. Besides, it will lower the frequency of snore and turning over, ensuring a deep and better sleep.

Memory foam is also called slow spring-back space material born in early 1970s. It is specially developed for reducing pressure that the astronaut had to bear when the airship blast off in 1980s. After research and improvement for nearly ten years, the pressure-reducing space material has evolved into high-quality memory foam and has been applied to bedding like mattresses and pillows etc. Such a deed brought benefit to people’s life and won the support of NASA.

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The Physical Property of Memory Foam

Memory foam is a material with open adhesive cells that is sensitive to temperature and can accurately rectify body shape. In memory foam mattresses, there are millions of regular cells that can move slightly according to the body shape so that the mattress can support the human body by reducing pressure.

Temperature Sensitive

Upgraded memory foam is very sensitive to temperature, which enables it to change in hardness depending on different parts of human body. So the memory foam can shape a person for the better physically and relax the vertebration by keeping a natural radian. The mattress can touch and support the body naturally, which is much different from traditional common mattresses that may leave the neck and waist unsupported and cause ache and damage to the vertebration.

Foam product test studioFoam product test studio

Slow Spring-back

Slow spring-back means that the product sinks when pressed but won’t give a strong force of elasticity(like ball clay does); however when the pressure is removed, the product will gradually return to its original shape(like spring does). What’s more, in the experiment of fierce squeeze, slow spring-back materials can still sink and then spring back gradually. When pressed, the slow spring-back materials can distribute pressure evenly and adjust its shape to the object on it. So the mattress made of memory foam can support human body perfectly and relax the shoulder and waist to the maximum extent.

Pressure Reducing

Originated from space technology, the best property of memory is that it can distribute and reduce body pressure. Traditional mattress materials give a counterforce to human body that squeezes the vertebration and joint, causing benumb and aches. Consequently, a person will toss and turn unconsciously, having a bad sleep. However, memory foam mattress can reduce body pressure and it does not give a strong counterforce. On the contrary, it feels like sleeping in the cloud when sleeping on the mattress. Besides, blood circulation will be smooth and a person will have less toss-and-turn, thus having a deep sleep.

Breathable and Anti-mite

The open cell structure of memory foam can restrain the growth of germs and mites. Even it is used for years, it can be healthy and safe, making it suitable for allergic gravidas and children. What’s more, it is a breathable material, so you will feel that it is ventilated and not sweltered.

Memory foam can relax every part of human body no matter you sleep on your back or on your side. It especially relaxes the cervical vertebra and vertebration to the maximum extent. As a result, it can reduce the times of toss-and-turn and snore, relieve the aches of muscle and contribute to deep sleep.

Standards of

A good memory foam mattress should be judged by density, elasticity, producing techniques, lifespan and safety.

1. Observe the whole mattress: a good memory foam mattress should be even in the density of materials because it is made in mould with only one trying. However, that producing techniques are so complicated that only top factories in advanced countries can make it. As a result, the real memory foam mattress is expensive. In addition, the best materials contribute to its high price, which shows its good quality at the same time. Many cheap fake memory foam mattresses will turn hard and stiff in less than one year while a real memory foam mattresses can keep its original shape and elasticity for at least five years.

2. High density is one of the properties for good memory foam materials, which is easy to recognize. Density is much related with a product’s functions and in proportion to its producing costs. So the heavier a product is, the better it will be. When you lift it with a hand, you can easily feel the weight.

3. Touch the surface: the feeling of the surface should be soft and elastic, like the feeling of pudding and jelly. If you press hard, the proper spring-back time should be 3-5 seconds.

4. Memory foam of good quality should be safe and smelless and it does not the slightest harm to human body. So if the material has a strong and strange smell, some poisonous chemicals may be added to it.

Disadvantages of memory foam

Memory foam is not only sensitive to temperature, but it can store heat. Because of that, if you don’t have an air conditioner in hot summer, you had better choose a well breathable memory foam mattress. For example, this 8 inch breathable silica gel memory foam mattress can perfectly satisfy this need. The second layer of foam is punched so that the mattress can be ventilated because when a man is lying on it, the air-flowing hole won’t be blocked up. The last generation of memory foam will turn hard and slightly shrink in subzero temperature. Considering that, Sunrising bedding added silica gel and frost resisting gel to the mattress. Among the memory foam products on the market, a qualified mattress should have the density of over 40 so that the mattress can completely show its function of slow spring-back, naturally touching the skin, remembering shape and absorbing the pressure. Moreover, the mattress is designed to naturally touch skin and support body. Therefore, if you think silica gel memory foam mattress too soft, Sunrising Bedding has designed another product for your choice that is named natural latex with peocket spring mattress.