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Is innerspring Natural Latex mattress suitable for you?

Le 11 November 2016, 12:47 dans Humeurs 0

innerspring mattress

My previous impression on spring mattress 

I have been using spring mattress for nearly 20 years and I have never bought it online. As most people’s concern, I am not sure whether the online mattresses are really good. People can’t have a trial on the mattresses before purchase. However, in case they don’t feel comfortable with it, hundreds of dollars will be wasted.


Previously, I used to buy mattresses from nearby bedding outlets. I have to admit that the price they offered were almost $300 higher than the online mattresses. Although I thought that they may provide better customer service and warranty, the mattresses were not as satisfying as my expectations.


Above all, their lifespan was short. None of the mattress survived the 3rd or 5th year, even though the salesman promised that the mattress was firm enough to last ten years. After years, some spring mattresses broke on the surface and I felt the springs on my back. Others terribly sagged in the center part, leaving my back unsupported. What’s worse, the old spring mattresses made disturbing noises when I turned over because of the rubbing of springs, which really bothered me.

It is without doubt that buying a new mattress is a troublesome task. Merely making a choice among various mattresses can be challenging. However, I have been trying to find a good spring mattress with the following advantages.

  • It is wearable and doesn’t sag even it is used for years.
  • It can minimize motion transfer to bring uninterrupted sleep to couples.
  • It is a silent spring mattress without noises from rubbing of springs.
  • It is breathable, soft and comfortable.
  • It is offered with affordable price, at least cheaper than mattresses from nearby bedding outlets.

innerspring mattress structure

Purchase online mattress for 1st time

I tried memory foam mattresses and other spring mattresses but they are far from satisfactory until I find this, Pocket InnerSpring With Latex 8 Inch Classic Mattress.

I need a king size mattress for enough space between couples. The first things that attracted me was its price: only $378. OMG! It was only half the price compared with my old mattresses. Can such a cheap mattress live up to my requirements?

Then I read the detailed introduction to the product. What convinced me most was that they had been certified by CertiPUR-US and offered a 180-day trial at home, which was nearly all the service that a nearby bedding outlet can offer. Without hesitation, I placed the order. After 3 days, at my door I received a box measuring 10”*10”*80” or so.

The mattress was compressed and rolled into a box and then delivered to me. It is amazing that one large mattress can be compressed into such a small box. After I unpacked it, the mattress bounced out immediately and 1 minute later, it recovered its original volume. I lied on it as soon as I could and felt it very comfortable. I’m a big man of 300 lbs but my weight didn’t make the mattress sag a bit. Besides, I stood on the edges of the mattress to test if the edges are qualified for enough firmness and they proved firm enough. The last mattress that I bought was fragile on the edges and I felt difficult to keep balance when I stood there. However, this spring mattress is absolutely firm on the edges.

innerspring mattress top natural latex

The advantages of this spring mattress

I wrote this article at the 6th month to make sure whether it is really of high quality. Actually, it has done a good job and is perfect to me.


The surface is made of 1 inch latex and 320g PK soft foam. Latex is anti-bacteria, anti-mite and mold-proof, keeping the mattress clean and healthy to people. The breathable structure of the latex frees me from hotness even during summer days. Besides, the latex is soft and comfortable enough to conform to your curves. If the softness arranges from 1 to 10 with 1 the softest, I would rate this mattress as 7.

Beneath the surface is the innerspring section with the springs sealed in independent bags. The encased coils work separately so that they won’t rub with each other and make noises. In addition, before producing, the springs were tested for thousands of times in stretching and compressing experiments to avoid the problem of sagging. Minimizing motion transfer is another advantage of the mattress. Every time when I lie on or get off the bed, the part under my wife isn’t affected. Therefore, it suits couples very well by ensuring a steady sleep and keeping the couples uninterrupted. Last but not least, I love its firmness on the edges, which provides more possibility for sex positions between couples.


Is the mattress suitable for you?

Although the mattress almost meets all my requests, I still want give it an unbiased review. I recommend some people to buy it and discourage others from doing so.

I recommend you to buy it, if ...

  • You are always waken up by turning over and want a uninterrupted sleep.
  • You prefer spring mattresses but yours have sagged after years.
  • You belong to obese people and need a mattress with enough firmness and support.
  • You are troubled by mites and allergy and particular about the cleanness of a mattress.
  • The mattress that you are sleeping on is sweltered and not breathable.
  • You don’t want to spend too much on a mattress but worry about the poor quality of a very cheap mattress.


I discourage you to buy it, if...

  • You want a super soft mattress and think it more comfortable in that way.
  • You prefer cheap mattresses and doesn’t care too much for the quality of a mattress.


Guarantee & Trial Period

Sunrisingbed offers a 180-day trial period and that is among the longest trial period. In 6 months, you can test the mattress freely. If you get unsatisfied with the mattress for whatever reason, you can contact the costumer service for full refunds.

Besides, the mattress comes with a 10-year full replacement warranty.

innerspring mattress sunrisingbed


This mattress will be compressed and rolled into a box and be shipped to your door(King size box: 11”*11”*81”). The shipping is free and doesn’t break the mattress.


Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Le 7 November 2016, 13:05 dans Lifestyle 0


When I Google “plant oil memory foam mattress”, I got this in the first list: Plant Oil Foaming Memory Foam Mattress 12 Inch. Click to proceed and I found it indeed a new generation of memory foam mattress. Different from traditional memory foam, it is foamed with natural plant oil. In other words, it totally saved people’s worry for the harm of chemical products. Is it really that excellent as its advertisements? Follow my introduction to reveal the magic mattress.


In a rush? Click here to skip to the conclusion. Code DWH8N5AP to get a maximum of $20 off for the mattress

12 inch memory foam mattress

Now most of other memory foam mattresses in the market stay the last generation of which consumers often complain as follows:

  1. Memory foam mattresses are too hot to comfort me especially in summer and they are not breathable.” “My mattress can’t conform to my contour as the advertisements, nor can it keep the spine naturally straight, which worsened my backache.”
  2. “For obese people, memory foam mattress simply means a disaster. When I lie on it, the mattress will terribly sink in and wrap me, which make me feel sleeping on a ditch and feel sick of it. What’s worse, after months, a big sinkage print will be left in the mattress and surface will not be plain
  3. Most of other memory foam is made of chemical materials and the factories differ in their control of harmful materials, which is the major apprehension for numerous buyers. They tried hard to search for a mattress made of natural, environmentally friendly and healthy materials but all in vain.

Does such a mattress exist? It disperses heat and it is breathable. Not only can it mold to the curves but it is moderately soft to support a heavy person. It is made of clean and natural materials and offered with affordable price. I would say: yes, there is indeed such a mattress.

Plant Oil Foaming Memory Foam Mattress by Sunrising Bedding is just what you are looking for. Now use the code DWH8N5AP to get a maximum of $20 off for the mattress.

Memory foam Mattress-Structure


The mattress mainly consists of 2 layers of foam.

Top layer: it is 3.5’’ latest generation of memory foam. Foamed with natural plant oil, it feels soft and smooth, just like the tender skin of a new born baby. Compared with traditional memory foam, it is more breathable and better mold to the body. In addition, it is made with natural materials, making it environmentally friendly and healthy.

Bottom layer: it is 8.5’’ support foam. The thickness and high density give the mattress firm support and integrity of shape so you don’t have to worry about it that it may get deformed after months.

Fire-proof inner cover: it is made of fire-proof materials that withstand many times of burning tests. In fire accidents, it prevents the main part of mattress from burning in case of larger fire.

Detachable outer cover: it is wearable fabrics made of 35% handmade cotton and 65% dacron. You can open the zipper to conveniently wash it.


Although the mattress is simply built, the experience that it has brought to me is excellent. It has the advantage of memory foam to conform to the contour and it solves the problems of bad breathability. Compared with spring mattress, it is softer and better mold to your body. Compared to latex mattress, it is more pliable so as not to get deformed.

Generally speaking, the quality of a mattress is in proportion to its average density. 12 inch king size memory foam mattresses in the market usually weigh 100 lbs with the price of $800 or so. However the density of Sunrising Mattress is over 2.4 pounds per cubic foot but it is sold at the price of $488. Since Sunrising Bedding is a factory outlet who cuts off the medium business, it is able to offer the best quality mattress with an affordable price.

To be honest, for the same quality and materials, it is the cheapest among all the mattress that I have paid attention to. Nowadays, such companies and products are limited who really strive for the public benefit. If you are interested in the king size mattress, now use the code DWH8N5AP to get it for $458 .

12 inch Memory foam Mattress-Cover

Outer Cover

Apart from the best quality, the overall look is also impressive. Its outer cover is quite beautifully designed. As is shown in the picture, lots of shallow circles like hollows and dots are artistically distributed on it. The trademark of “Sunrisingbed” is printed on the front side with the color of blue and green, which matches perfectly with the ivory whole to turn on a clean and fresh style. What’s more, the shallow circles contribute to the friction of the surface, which gives you a special but comfortable feeling when your skin touches and rubs on the mattress.


Firmness, Comfort & Support

Considering that my wife and I both weigh over 200 pounds and want more space for free motion, I bought the king size mattress. When it is delivered to my house, it is compressed and rolled in a box that approximately measures 14”*14”*79”. We unpacked the wrap, the mattress instantly began to expand and after 5 minutes it almost recovered to its original volume. I lifted the mattress onto the bed frame together with my wife and covered it with the bedsheet then we couldn’t wait to lie on it.

The moment my body contacted the mattress, I felt an unprecedented comfort, softness and relief. It is just like lying on the grassland in open air and gentle spring breeze, relieving my mental state. I have tried other memory foam mattresses, which are either too hard or too soft to satisfy me. However, when I am lying on this mattress, I felt that my hips and shoulders got more sinkage and other parts got less. As for the waist, the mattress will automatically fill in the space in between to effectively support the spine. After that, I tried to sleep on my size and stomach and it proved that the mattress offers optimal comfort for all sleeping postures.

Because of longtime-seated office work, I suffer serious aches in waist. Although I have tried to workout and turned to massage for treatment, they proved in vain since the “old” mattresses are unqualified in conforming to the body. Fortunately, I have slept on the mattress for more than 1 month and I am not bothered by the aches in waist any longer. Now I can wake up with full energy and good mood. There is no doubt that the mattress has greatly changed my life.

Furthermore, I’m grateful that for two person of over 200 lbs, the mattress didn’t show any sign of sagging after one month.

memory foam soft

Sinkage Test & Motion Transfer

The mattress shows a moderate sinkage. In addition, it excels in minimizing motion transfer, which suits couples.

I did a number of sinkage tests of different types to clarify how the mattress reacts to various positions and pressures.

Normal lying position - in a normal lying position where my weight was evenly distributed I got 2″ of sinkage.

Normal side lying position - in a normal lying position on my side I saw 2.25″ of sinkage and hug.

Sitting on the edge (conservative) - in a conservative sitting position on the edge of the mattress (where I am sitting a bit further back on the mattress) I saw 2.25-2.75″ of sinkage.

Sitting on the edge (aggressive) - in a more aggressive sitting position on the edge of the mattress (where I am sitting directly on the edge of the mattress) I saw 4.25″ of sinkage.

Standing in the middle - while standing in the middle of the mattress with all of my weight focused on a single point I saw 4.75″ of sinkage.

12 inch Memory foam Mattress-soft test

For I’m heavier than a normally weighed person, the sinkage is 1/4 inch deeper. Compared to other common mattresses, this mattress totally solved the problem of sagging on the edges as the 8.5’’ high density support foam can effectively keep the integrity of its shape. On this mattress, I tried every sex position with my wife and it goes on smoothly. It is neither too hard nor too soft to affect our mood to enjoy sex.

When I am turning over, only the half of mattress on my side changes its shape and my wife will not be disturbed when sleeping beside me. My wife is a woman sensitive to slight motion transfer and gets easily waken up so previously I always worried about it when turning over. However, now I can feel free to move without interrupting her sleep. To put it frankly, it has helped me a lot.


Guarantee & Trial Period

Sunrising Bedding offers a 180-day trial period and that is among the longest trial period. In 6 months, you can test the mattress freely. If you get unsatisfied with the mattress for whatever reason, you can contact the costumer service for full refunds.

Besides, the mattress comes with a 10-year full replacement warranty.


Since the mattress is sold by the factory outlet, it is offered at competitive price. The factory is the supplier of U.S. famous brands like BOB’S, Sleepy and Mattress Firm. So it is certain that the mattress is of high quality. As the alternative choice for Amazon top brands and expensive mattresses, why not try this mattress? Use the code DWH8N5A for more discount.

Size Price
Twin $278.46
Full $345.66
Queen $399.49
King $488.26



This mattress will be compressed and rolled into a box and shipped to your door(King size box: 14”*14”*79”). The shipping is free and doesn’t break the mattress.



All in all, the mattress is a precious gift for me. It effectively supports my back, shoulders and especially my waist. With the cooperative function of the mattress and other treatment, I am no longer troubled by the aches of waist. Although it is hot in summer, I don’t feel sweltered. On the contrary, I feel that I am embraced by the gentle breeze in open air, comfortable and pleasant. Furthermore, I don’t have to worry about it that my turning over interrupts my wife’s sleep and I wake up refreshed every morning for a busy workday.

Sunrisingbed has improved my life with so much convenience, so I think they deserve more praise. As is known to all, only limited companies are really thinking of the consumers’ benefits and working hard to change the world for the better. However, Sunrisingbed is just such a great company. They contribute to the society with mattresses of the most affordable price and the best quality. I guess nobody will refuse such an outstanding mattress, right?

Click here to know more about Plant Oil Foaming Memory Foam Mattress or buy it.


Then, does the mattress suit you?

I’d like to recommend the mattress to almost everyone. It combines the advantage of memory foam and natural plant oil to offer medium firmness and top quality, so it suits you well in any sleeping position, no matter you sleep on your back, stomach or size.

If you have any of the following considerations, the mattress is just made for you.

  • You want a mattress with medium firmness.
  • You want a mattress that can relieve your backache, or pain in waist, legs or shoulders.
  • You want a mattress that minimizes motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep.
  • You want a mattress that is breathable and disperses heat.
  • You want a mattress at affordable price and of high quality.


Can’t wait to get one? Use the code DWH8N5A to get a maximum of $20 off.

Different Aspects Score
Materials ★★★★★
Comfort ★★★★★
Support ★★★★☆
Price ★★★★
Cooling ★★★★★
Edge Support ★★★★☆
Sex ★★★★☆
Smelless ★★★★★
Refunds ★★★★★
Trial ★★★★☆
Warranty ★★★★★


Final Score   4.8                         ★★★★★


About the writer

The review is written by Nelson, an office worker who lives in Florida of the U.S..

Best 8 inch Memory Foam Mattresses

Le 3 November 2016, 17:51 dans Humeurs 0

8 inches memory foam mattress


8 inch Memory Foam Mattress Structure:2 inches Silica Gel Memory Foam

2 inches Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam(punched)
4 inches High-density Base Support Foam
Fireproof inner coat
Pillingless and wear-resisting Tencel fabric(41% Tencel and 59% dacron)
Detachable cover can be easily cleaned


The memory foam can support the main joints (Foot, Leg, Hip, Waist, Shoulder, Neck ) of human body to relax you as much as possible and make you have better sleep. Creative design is   applied by punching in the second layer foam, making the mattress not easily folded under pressure to ensure good breathability.

  • Only the Highest Quality of Foam

Foam is CertiPUR-US Certified for durability, performance, and content.

  • Compressed delivery & Easy Unpacking

Mattress comes compressed and rolled for easy shipping & handling and expands upon unpacking.

  • Worriless Shopping:

Offer a standard 10 year full replacement limited warranty.

Mattresses Dimensions (height*width*length, unit: inch)

Twin: 8-12″ * 37.5″ *73″
Full: 8-12″ * 52.5″ *73″
Queen: 8-12″ * 59.5″ *79″
King: 8-12″ * 75.5″ *79″

SunrisingBed online store has full size Mattresses of standard dimensions whose Warehouse is at TN 37090 in the U.S.
8 inch Memory Foam Mattresses
cheap memory foam mattresse

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